A Great Bar
With A Good Vibe
- Magnolia
We begin everyday with
the pure conviction and
passionate belief that with
the hassle of daily life,
everybody needs a break.

At Magnolia, you can be yourself.
We proudly serve craft
cocktails and local beers
that will Get Your Head Right!
All in a free spirited
space devoid of
boredom & silly rules.

A Passion to Serve

Magnolia Orlando aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that drives everyone with a warm welcome, exceptional service, awesome food, sparkling drinks and an unforgettable time.

We Support the Craft Beer Industry

If you’re a beer drinker but you’ve never tried local craft beer yourself, you’re missing out.

Supporting a local brewery is an effective way to make sure that the money you spend ends up supporting our own local economy.

When you spend your money on locally brewed beer, you’re helping to keep our own community going.